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Russian band Casper was born in Saint-Petersburg in 2016 rooting from the English language based project The Nameless Cult.
Continuity laid not only in the identical with NC line-up, but in musical field too, as the first compositions of the band were Russian versions of NC songs.Later there appeared the songs written specially for Casper band.
Music of the band is based on Western and European traditions ot classic and alternative rock with the elements of punk and hard rock. Philosophical topics touching many generations of mankind, as well as social problems guide lyrics of the band.The band released their first maxi single Dances On The Bones in 2017, participated in the tribute project to Vadim Kourylyov, and then presebted their first self-titled album. The band played at several Russian rock festivals and at the concerts in their native city and in other cities of Russia.The songs of the band are on air of different Russian internet and FM radio stations. Also Casper was invited to participate in a TV show of Saint-Petersburg TV channel 78.At the moment the members of the band continue to work with material for the second full-length album.

Genre: rock

Members: Dmitry Rishko – vocals, guitars & keyboards / Vladimir Strelov – guitars / Sergey Burenkov – bass / Max Znaevsky – drums.

Ex-members: Anton Rosa – bass, backing vocals / Denis Sukharev – guitars / Pavel Mosin – drums.

Music and lyrics by Dmitry Rishko.



International metal band Ruthenia was born in 2018. Russian and Finnish musicians gathered together to form its line-up. European doom death metal with the elements of classical and ethnic music has become the base of its sound. Band’s lyrics narrates about dark events and visions standing in front of the pilgrims wandering in the ancient glorious world, about stories and legends, human suffering, doubts, fantasies and fears, reflection about human nature and eternal search of harmony with the world and of internal themselves. At the moment the band is working with their debut album material.

Genre: epic doom death metal

Members: Otto-Emil Lamberg – vocals / Dmitry Rishko – vocals, violins & keyboards / Vili Halonen – guitars / Jere Ralli – guitars / Sergey Ivanov – bass & analog synths / Max Znaevsky – drums.



CAS is the instrumental project for a lead violin with a rock band, was founded in 2018. Debut will be built on cover versions of famous compositions of pop and rock music. The band is in the process of working with music material, rehearsing and finalising its line-up.

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